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Discoveries in Memphis: Alcenia’s


*deep sigh*

Happy New Year!

Why is it that food (which, by the way, has been the bane of my existence as of late) is what would lure me back to the old blog?  Go figure.

What’s most important here is that this blog is not simply about food.  It’s about the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life.  I mean life-changing.  Soul food makes me happy.  I do not, however, enjoy the way it smiles upon my hips.  Imagine my delight when my mother told me she’d seen an interview on the local morning news featuring a woman who owned a downtown soul food restaurant known for its salt-free, flavor-packed cuisine.

We made it a point to head on over to 317 N. Main Street before Mom’s Christmas visit was over.  It was one of the best things we’d done all week!  In true C2W (yes, my family has a cool nickname.  Now go get one for yours.) fashion we all sampled from each other’s plates. 


Me, The Mom, The Sister

I immediately fell into a deep unholy lust with the meatloaf.  The green beans and deep-fried French fries were sinfully delicious too.  I can’t forget Alcenia’s famous hot water cornbread and praise God for Alcenia’s corn!  I never knew there was such a thing as sweet potato cobbler and can only hope I’m forgiven for my ignorance.  The bread pudding…pardon me.  I had a moment.

Equally as amazing as the food was the service.  We immediately felt like we were family. Our waitress and even Alcenia’s owner B.J. Chester-Tamayo treated us so well I thought I may have found long-lost relatives.  In fact, a family came 6 came in as we were dining saying that every time they return to Memphis they stop in at Alcenia’s.  I can’t wait to make it a tradition of ours too.

Make your way down to Alcenia’s and be sure to get one of B.J.’s famous hugs!  Check them out here.



So I’m slowly but surely getting to know Memphis.   I’m so happy spring is around the corner!   Cold weather, high winds and snow are NOT my thing.

Anyway, it was suggested that I try Osaka Japanese Cuisine.  I love sushi and have been looking for a spot to try out here for a minute.

OSAKA WAS THE GREATEST! Their prices are awesome, the food was spectacular and the ambiance was peaceful.  My waitress was attentive but not annoying.   And can we talk about portion size? Food for DAYS! *sigh*   I think I’ve found sushi heaven.   If I were a fish destined to be consumed by ravenous humans, I’d wanna go out at Osaka!

S/O to Brandi for the recommendation!

Out-N-About: La Baguette

I’m still getting to know my new home of Memphis, Tennessee.  One day while I was driving around I noticed this place and couldn’t wait to go visit!  I love pastries (though I call myself trying to lose weight) and French stuff has a special place in my heart.  Go figure.  lol

It took a couple a weeks but I finally made the trip.  I was pleasantly surprised to see it was an African American-run shop.  That was the extent of my pleasure.  The service was horrible!

I wasn’t greeted when I walked in – though I made it a point to speak to the chick at the register.  She acted like she was too busy to help me and like it was a chore to ring me up.

I ordered a mini lemon tart that was actually pretty good and a lemon square that left something to be desired.

I try my best to give everyone a second chance so I’ll go back for round two once I’m over being pissed off about round 1.  If any of you go or have gone, please share your experiences.