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53rd Annual Grammy Awards

Despite the obvious snubs many hip hop and R&B artists received at this year’s Grammys, overall the show was great.

Let me go ahead and get my complaints out of the way:

  1. B.o.B and Drake both deserved to win!
  2. I was tired of hearing that damn Lady Antebellum song
  3. More awards should have been televised. It’s the Grammy Awards, right?

Anyway, highlights included:

Lady Gaga

I’ve never given her much thought, but ever since I heard her blow it out acapella at the VMAs I wanted to take a closer look.  Her performance was awesome.  She had a concept and rode it to the very end.  She was an egg.  So what?   I don’t have to get it or vibe with it.  But  I definitely respect it.  Plus. her vocal ability is sick.  I think she did the most singing-whilst-dancing among any of the performers.

B.o.B/Janelle Monet/Bruno Mars

I love each of these artists individually but their talents combined provided a stellar performance!  I love B.o.B’s versatility from the gutair to rapping to singing.  Janelle Monet cannot be described in words.  And every time I see Bruno Mars I learn something new about him.  I never knew he played the drums, too!  Plus, a childhood friend’s brother is in his band (go, Phred!).  Janelle Monet shocked me (and my sister) when she stage dived, but it worked out well for her.  I deem this: BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT.

Cee-Lo Green

Cee-Lo is known for his theatrics on stage and didn’t disappoint last night.  What the hell was he, anyway?  A peacock?  Plus, he performed with Gwyneth Paltrow.  Um, is she a singer now?  Though their set had many confusing elements for me, I’ve decided to list it as a highlight because the song is the tea (if you don’t know, ask or look it up) and only Cee-Lo can have a band made up entirely of puppets.  Hot shit.

Katy Perry

I love Katy-friggin-Perry!  She’s so awesome to me!  Her performance started sweetly.  I was worried about her trying to get down like Pink did at last year’s Grammys but she stayed true to herself.  Did anyone else notice the hearts all over her skirt?  Too cute.  And the tribute to her new hubby, comedian Russell Brand, was too cute!  I must admit,  I rolled my eyes a little bit when she dedicated Teenage Dream to all the Valentine lovers.  But only a little bit.  I’m trying not to hate on love.



Detroit, WHAT!  Em put it down this year.  Ever since he dropped “Recovery” his shows seem so genuine.  They seem to come from a place of hard work and sacrifice, not drug-induced excitement.  Mind you, I had no problem with Purple Pill-poppin’ Em, but I’m always down for a man trying to make a change.  Clearly his has been positive, as reflected in his attitude, his music, this performance, and his Grammy win.  It was great to see Dre back on somebody’s stage again.  And Skylar Grey shitted on Rihanna vocally.  That’s a damn shame.





  • The Aretha Franklin tribute (mainly Jennifer Hudson and Yolanda Adams)
  • Train’s win for Hey Soul Sister – I love that song
  • Usher, Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith – did anyone catch Will yell “that’s my baby”? LOL!
  • Rafael Saadiq leading Mick Jagger’s band


  • Ricky Martin’s pants
  • Christina Aguilera trying to out-sing Jennifer Hudson and Yolanda Adams
  • Miranda Lambert’s dress (I kept saying she looked like Mud from the Swiffer commercials)
  • Bob Dylan sounding like a pack-an-hour smoker
  • Rihanna’: the single performer with the least vocal ability got two performances
  • “Diddy” being introduced as “Puff Daddy” who the hell is he these days?
  • Separate mention for the bottom grill that fool was wearing
  • Raheem DeVaughn not winning shit! *folds arms and pouts*

For a complete list of the winners go to