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Out-N-About: La Baguette

I’m still getting to know my new home of Memphis, Tennessee.  One day while I was driving around I noticed this place and couldn’t wait to go visit!  I love pastries (though I call myself trying to lose weight) and French stuff has a special place in my heart.  Go figure.  lol

It took a couple a weeks but I finally made the trip.  I was pleasantly surprised to see it was an African American-run shop.  That was the extent of my pleasure.  The service was horrible!

I wasn’t greeted when I walked in – though I made it a point to speak to the chick at the register.  She acted like she was too busy to help me and like it was a chore to ring me up.

I ordered a mini lemon tart that was actually pretty good and a lemon square that left something to be desired.

I try my best to give everyone a second chance so I’ll go back for round two once I’m over being pissed off about round 1.  If any of you go or have gone, please share your experiences.